It's a simple concept and one that many solution providers do not understand: One size does not fit all.

VetsAmerica recognizes that your business is unique. Your business has specific challenges that must be addressed. VetsAmerica does not provide pre-packaged solutions; we provide innovative solutions that solve the specific challenges of your business.

Below, we have listed a sampling of our customer successes and the many customized solutions that we have provided to our clients.

Organizations today can no longer afford to rely upon reactive measures to maintain their IT security posture. In today's complex IT environment, we must leverage proactive security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats. As a subcontractor, VetsAmerica provided complex Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware solutions to the VA. VetsAmerica was responsible for the ongoing support for the VA's Anti-Virus (AV) Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) Anti-Spyware Anti-Malware Solution. This support included all server administration activities, Virtual Machine management, continuous monitoring, change management as well as all testing and troubleshooting activities. 

VetsAmerica provided a wide range of business support services to the VA's Veteran Benefits Management System (VBMS). This project's objective was to eliminate the claims backlog for the Compensation Business Line for Disability Claims, and then continuing to the other five business lines of VBA.. Tasks provided by VetSAmerica in support of this project included a wide range of Business Architecture, Task Order Management, Requirements Management, Business Process Management, Documentation and Testing activities. 

The number and depth of technical requirements an organization is faced with can be overwhelming. VetsAmerica’s ERM capabilities ensure the compilation of high quality technical requirements; the creation or sustainment of a repository; the alignment and optimization of supporting processes; and the robust outreach and communications needed with stakeholders. Our solution ensures that critical requirements are compiled and provisioned to all software development projects so that developed software is of high quality, interoperable, standardized, and compliant.

As the amount of data increases and the number of systems evolve, the level of complexity for good customer service by telephone increases. Dropped calls, long wait times, and convoluted pathways before a caller is put into contact with an employee capable of resolving the inquiry are just a few of the reasons organizations are embracing CRM. VetsAmerica assists clients by launching new IT tools and enhancements to existing software applications to support the work done by telephone call agents at phone centers to resolve questions and requests for information and services. Our solutions, which are also 508 compliant, allow call agents to appropriately respond to and resolve telephonic requests in a timely and effective manner.

A prototype can provide a good way to review specification with target users and customers before making a significant investment. Such is the case with the virtual call center prototype solution, which included interactive voice response, call routing, and a user desktop that tracked incoming calls for customer relations. Using the Agile methodology the prototype was developed during three sprint sessions with the stakeholders (help desk personnel). System requirements were captured and immediately converted into a "live" system demonstrating the functionality correlating to the requirements specified. This method of rapid development followed by viewing screens (not just storyboards) allows our clients to validate and alter requirements as necessary.

VetsAmerica performed Certifications and Accreditations (C&As) on health systems for over 140 medical centers in accordance with the NIST SP800-37 and 800-53 Guidelines, and the Certification and Accreditation processes. In the first phase, VetsAmerica focused on field data capture for system testing requirements and policy reviews, interviews with Information Security Officers, and testing results to the Point of Contact. In this phase, VetsAmerica staff served as team leads of field data capture teams. In the second phase, VetsAmerica participated in the analysis and summarization of the test results and the development of final reports. In the third phase, VetsAmerica assisted in aggregating metadata and analyzing trends in various testing results to identify systemic problems. Perhaps the most important factor enabling VetsAmerica to address the various challenges associated with this task is the atmosphere of trust developed between VetsAmerica and our client.

VetsAmerica provides maintenance and technical support for various applications. The support includes Tier III help desk, systems administration and integration assistance for migrating to new applications. Our maintenance capabilities provide our clients with many benefits: personnel can spend time handling their own tasks; reduced errors and downtime; improved customer satisfaction; and helps to solve and monitor possible operational problems and avoids potential issues with clients.

VetsAmerica develops and implements mechanisms to enable public-facing applications to participate in federated identity authentication for the purpose of single sign on. The mechanism assures compliance with the existing identity management strategy, as well as remains in compliance with the GSA E-Authentication Federation guidance.

VetsAmerica develops enterprise wide access service solutions. These solutions encapsulates people, processes and products to identify, authenticate and grant or deny users authorization to data and network resources.

VetsAmerica is currently performing Tier I and II help desk services for a federal agency’s Core Infrastructure Services Public Key Infrastructure Help Desk. This PKI Help Desk supports approximately 100, 000 – 125,000 PKI-enabled customers. PKI customers consist of PKI users and their local information Security Officers (ISOs), designated Program Managers (PM), Enterprise Infrastructure Engineers, Core Infrastructure Services staff, and site system administrators.

We receive approximately 4,000 PKI support requests per month from PKI end-users via email, telephone or the ticketing system. Our Team works with PKI users in a professional manner to satisfy support requests, while maintaining documentation regarding the life and close-out of the support requests using a ticketing system. We monitor, communicate, intervene, troubleshoot and escalate, as required, for the entire Enterprise Infrastructure to ensure the delivery of quality Tier I and II PKI services to the organization.

Since March of 2011 VetsAmerica has managed a learning university helpdesk and support contract, a comprehensive learning structure consists of several online learning systems which support continuing professional education needs. The help desk was established due to the virtual nature of online learning, as a centralized support desk was needed to assist customers as needed.

VetsAmerica manages 19 staff providing Tier 1 and limited Tier 2 support to over 280,000 VA staff using the VA’s VALU learning systems. Tasks include providing assistance with Enrollment, username/password, PC Setup, Browser optimization, login problems, network connectivity issues, reports, and certificates of training. We were also responsible for providing reports and requests for things such as bug fixes, application issue resolution, additional reporting requirements, and new functionality requirements.

Organizations often depend on Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) systems to meet mission goals. The VetsAmerica Team provides all personnel and resources necessary to sustain high quality, effective, and efficient IT Service Desk services. The specific scope inclusions that relate to the Service Desk include 24x7x365 availability of Service Desk support and recording of all service requests, incidents, and problems received at the Service Desk within the trouble ticket system.

VetsAmerica upgraded and expanded existing Siemens HiPath digital/analog telephone systems. This upgrade/expansion involved the VetsAmerica Team providing all services, materials, supplies, supervision, labor, and equipment to support this effort. This upgrade/expansion is a complete Voice System with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital/analog voice telephone system, including all peripheral devices.

The VetsAmerica Team supplied the VoIP to satisfy the digital/analog/VoIP voice requirements and fully integrate/network LAN/WAN and operate without loss of features or functionality. Our Team enhanced/upgraded the existing Siemens HiPath 4000 with the latest commercially available version that had been installed, tested and successfully implemented at 10 other sites.

The VoIP equipment operates in accordance with the manufacturer's commercial specifications. It was designed and constructed to provide a 99.9% availability Mean Time Between Failure Rate per annum and a VoIP service grade of 99.999% availability per annum broken down.

VetsAmerica provided services to support inventory and reconciliation for all telecommunications related services for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area facilities; and provide a complete spend analysis of The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) telecommunications services as they related to recurring expenses, including, local, long-distance, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines, digital transport communications, OC3/DS3/DS1/T1/Metro Ethernet, analog lines including 1fb and Centrex, air cards, equipment lease and/or maintenance agreements, directory advertising, private lines, and audio/video conferencing communication transport services and any other telecommunications related services. The VetsAmerica team's services also extended to provide comprehensive reports to identify cost savings, optimization, modernization and improved utilization opportunities for the VA telecommunications infrastructure.